We Need to Talk // Wear Depression to Raise Awareness

Wear Depression to Raise Awareness on Mental Health

Over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and one in four people globally will be affected by a common mental health issue in their lifetime. 

Yet the stigma is alive.

Our mission is to eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding depression and other mental health issues. 

We encourage people to wear depression to show compassion and understanding to those affected by it.

Talking helps. By wearing Depression you can show that it’s completely OK to talk about mental health issues.

Depressio &co. is 100% Finnish-owned by its founder Martta Tervonen, and partly her father Osmo. The company is registered in Finland and managed from Oulu.

We love the Earth and aim at doing things as sustainably as possible. We are constantly looking for new (both local and international) partners and ways to improve, so that all our products could be made of 100% recycled or otherwise ecological materials in the future. (Read: most of them are already.)

We try not only to create clothing with a meaning BUT also collect money for a good cause. Of each purchase we donate 1€ directly to suicide-prevention work.

Wear Depression. Say: #youcantalktome / #mullevoitpuhua